Friday, October 19, 2012

Vintage and Antique Shopping Addict

Over the past couple of years I have become more aware of living in Toronto and the opportunities we get living in such a diverse city. One of the things I have discovered is vintage and antiques. There's just something about each item, be it a clothing or home decor, that has history. I have always loved history and the stories we hear, its nice to have something from the eras gone by. Before this, I was (and still am) into the Victorian Era and a lot of my clothing had elements from that time.

We all know things aren't made like they used to be. With the way things are constructed now, its all about how fast and how many items we can produce and sell... the more the better. Another thing that lead me into this world, more specifically the clothing, is how the silhouette fitted and complimented most body shapes. You can never go wrong with classic, well constructed pieces that you can wear years from now. Sure, embrace the trends of today but don't forget to pair it with timeless pieces to give you your own unique style!

If you love in a small town and are unable to reach any vintage shops thats ok. I find some of my best pieces on line. Etsy is my favourite place to find great stuff! I am hoping to show you some of my favourite pieces that i have collected in this town and on Etsy.

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Sasmita said...

Yes, Classic has a charm of its own.
I love Etsy too. There are numerous things to discover. Love your blog :)

Following you :)