Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Black Heart Beauty Cosmetics

Before I begin my review, I just wanted to say that a lot has changed. I haven't had much time to blog in a very long time. My beauty blog VooDoo Dolly hasn't been updated in a year or two. While I still think make up is fun, I work with make up so I'd rather be doing something else. I have decided to post some beauty posts here so I don't feel like I'm just committed to beauty by posting on the other blog. Hope you enjoy!

I popped in and out of Hot Topic every now and then. Its not like it used to be I can tell you that. Of course, I always have a look at the makeup. I believe this brand is only available at hot topic and maybe their online store. I have 3 products from them, a lipgloss and 2 lipsticks. 

First off, I hate the packaging. The cap always falls off and the lipstick case is made so that it sticks up, so when the cap falls off in your purse, the colour gets everywhere. Now getting that out of the way, I'll talk about the colours. 

The gloss I have is a deep purple, the name of it was on the plastic packaging so I have no idea of the shade name. The colour is a nice deep shade of purple, the consistency is thin and lasting power... is very minimal. I would never wear this alone, only on top of a lipstick. It has a weird minty taste that is somewhat synthetic. I don't think I would buy this again.

 The first lipstick I purchased is called Melodrama. Its a nice deep purple shade (its deeper and more purple in person than in the photo). The texture is creamy and soft but the pigmentation is just okay. I have to swipe a good 2-3 layers of it to cover my pigmented lips. Its still a very lovely shade and it feels nice on. I wear this one the most out of all 3 I purchased.

The second lipstick is called Peri Blue. Its just as the name suggests, a periwinkle blue. This lipstick shade is unique, but not really something I would wear often. Paler girls and guys would love this one. The pigmentation is the same of melodrama and feels just as soft and creamy. If your lips are dry like mine, it can accentuate them so beware!

I do recommend wearing an invisible lip liner or even a lip primer for both of the lipsticks. I would not suggest wearing the gloss alone as its too thin and separates in the lip lines. 

Overall its a very inexpensive line ($6-$8) and you can usually get these on sale if you pop in at the right time. Its a good line if you're not willing to commit to a higher price tag or looking to experiment with colours :)

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